Don't Just Daydream About It,

Make Wellness A Lifestyle.

Here at South Port Cannabis Company, we had a mission: healing through natural alternatives. We are dedicated to this mission and passionate about helping you find the right all-natural cannabis products to aid in your pursuit of wellness.

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About Us

Veteran owned and Family operated.

Our flower is cultivated in house and our boutique grow allows us to constantly change up our menu and provide a variety of strains and flavors to our customers at top shelf quality and affordable prices. Proud to be part of the Maine Cannabis Community and supporting local businesses!


Bring some calm into your life

Looking to find natural solutions to anxiety or pain? Ditch the pills and experience the difference cannabis can make in your life.

Our Products

Take a look around at all the high quality cannabis products we offer!


We offer top-of-the-line full spectrum tinctures. Great for beginners just starting their cannabis journey.


Relax after a long day with some quality cannabis flower!


Edibles provide a delicious and easy way to dose or microdose. Visit us today and find your flavor.

Creams And Balms

Cannabis has long been praised for its ant-inflammatory properties which aid in relief for pain patients.

Marijuana Delivery

We’ll come to you! Call us about our reliable delivery services today!

Wellness for the body and mind

Our clients can rest assured that they’ll receive only award-winning, connoisseur grade cannabis products from our store. Quality and safety in medicinal cannabis is our top priority. Call us and try our cannabis concentrates, marijuana delivery, and cannabis flower today!

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